About the Artist
Allan F. Ryan was born in Montreal, Canada in 1945 and proved to be a Natural Maker from an early age. In the beginning he was taught by a number of accomplished Artists including Arthur Lismer of Canada's famed Group of Seven. While establishing his first studio within his father's electrical stamping plant he was also groomed as a journeyman, tool and die & maker and industrial designer. His creative side draws him daily to reinterpreting and blending all of the known Arts and Crafts forms. Today, his Conestogo Studio is an enviable cornucopia of books, tools, equipment and supplies for every known Art & Craft medium.

     Countless Signed Ryan Originals to date cover subjects such as his Wrought Iron Furniture of the 60's, Copper Butterflies, Hot Sculptured Art Glass™ Lamps & Tiles, Kaleido-Dichroic™Jewelry, an infinite number of Humorous Figurines and more.

     Decades of one-man and major group shows like the Salon Métiers D'Art in Montreal and Toronto's One-of-a-Kind have now been replaced by smaller, local shows and the establishment of the Ryan Arts & Fine Crafts Gallery in Conestogo. This is in the heart of 'St. Jacobs Country,' near Waterloo Ontario. Ryan is now in his 65 th. year and at his most creative. For some time now, his earlier works have been turning up as 'Collectables' at art & antique dealers in Europe and across North America.

     Throwing purist traditions aside from the start, Ryan has developed a number of Distinct New Art Forms, with his methods as of yet, unpublished. These he layers, three and four deep in his current works. Nothing is used "right out of the jar." Allan Ryan is now referred to as, "Canada's Most Diversified Artist." He has no patience for 'The Star Maker Machinery' or competing for any prize.

     Ryan's youngest daughter Kristin Ann, after various studies and World travel, now spends weeks at a time with her father in the studio. Kristin's focus at the moment is on the creation of original sterling silver jewelry.

      Since 2006, Ryan and his wife Lynn have immersed themselves in the restoration of their new location, Isaac Weber's 1842 Blacksmith Shop, Wagon Factory and the adjoining Residence. During breaks from renovating, Ryan has developed his highly original Kaleido-Dichroic™ Art Glass Jewelry. The last few months were then dedicated to revisiting his Hot Sculptured Art Glass™ Lamps after an absence of seventeen years. Next is certainly more jewelry combined perhaps with a new series of his Humorous Figurines or wherever inspiration leads.

     His Studio adjoins the Ryan Home, his Gallery of Breathtaking Local Artisans and The Historic 1842 Bed & Breakfast. All are under one roof in one of Country Ontario's most charming old villages.

     No Artist invests more effort, integrity or ingenuity into their daily work. While over the decades the computer chip has changed the way most create and view Art, the demand for Ryan's Signed Hand & Eye Originals has only increased.

Lynn and Allan have two boys and two girls, all grown, all steeped in the Arts and honoring the family with a number of World Gold Awards. Most happily, 2009 marked the birth of their first grandchild, Iain Allan Sunday. At first sight the Artist was heard to say, "Just look at those hands!"

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