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  • Everyone knows "Practice makes perfect." Ryan has been a full time Artist for 50 years so far.
  • Ryan's style is timeless, fresh in any season and offers lasting delight in all settings, all light.
  • The layering of his ingenious, self-developed Ryan Art Forms is a New Art Form in itself.
  • Ryan's unpublished methods are simply unknown to other Artists.
  • Each piece is Totally Original, an intentional enigma even he cannot reproduce.
  • To his amusement, patrons have now dubbed his Kaleido-Dichroic™ jewelry "Mouthwatering." Even men smile and ask, "Where did you get that?"
  • You are buying Quality and True Originality direct from the maker's studio. (Most of today's jewelry has a hidden mark up in the neighborhood of 300% on top of the manufacturer's prices!)
  • Every phase of Ryan's 50 years of Art has already been archived to date for Genuine Provenance.
  • Ryan's Signature, like that of all known makers, will greatly multiply the value of each piece over time.
  • Ryan's works are already turning up at Antique & Art Dealers in Europe and North America.
  • Great care is taken in the comfortable design, smoothing and finishing evident in every Ryan piece.
  • At a major show in 1991 Ryan was told "Your Art Glass will be in the museum one day." The teller later was later revealed to be no less than the Chief Curator of The Royal Ontario Museum.
  • In 2009 a visiting Art Collector, upon viewing Ryan's Hot Sculptured Art Glass™ Lamps, remarked "Your lamps demonstrate The First New Handcrafted Glass Method since Tiffany."
  • All Design Components in Ryan's work are his own creations, made from scratch, right in the studio.
  • Patrons have the confidence of being able to walk into Ryan's Open Door Studio to witness the Artistry in motion.
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How it's made

     Each of Ryan's jewelry designs is a true, one-of-a-kind original. Most pieces encompass at least three of his self developed Ryan Art Forms. Real Artists agree, Dichroic Glass is just 'another box of colors' where even a six year old can melt a sparkly piece in the kiln. It takes a skilled Artist, however, to create a masterpiece, using the same materials.

     Ryan's Kaliedo-Dichroic™ Art Glass creations are a striking collage of sculptural glass forms, floating dichroic& iridescent veils and crystal clear voids. Bubbles are intentional. Some pieces require as many as seven firings of up to sixty pieces of various glasses in a single pendant.

     Ryan's glass by itself, stirs the imagination. Not content to stop there, Ryan then patiently applies his exclusive, Sculptured Fine Silver Appliqué™ which is fired directly to the glass then buffed bright. Some pieces are then dark stained and only the highlights repolished. Every art jeweler he meets asks about this secret process.

     As a third step in the creation, Ryan applies a multi-colored, 'Enamel Design' painted backwards, on the back of each piece. Once fired on and the piece seen from the front, the viewer looks through the silver design and then through the Art Glass collage to the intricate Enamel Design beyond. This experience is what has caused many of Ryan's walk-in Gallery patrons to exclaim, "It's simply mouthwatering!" The larger the piece, the greater the 'Mysterious Artistry' you will discover in its depths!

     The wearer's movements through ever changing light never fails to create a dazzling light show.

     A number of pieces are embellished with Ryan's hand-wrought Sterling Silver details. Others feature Copper Mountings for the health benefits known in the Middle East for over 5,000 years. Even the chains and clasps themselves may be hand-made in the studio.

Custom Ryan Jewelry

     This is restricted to two kinds of 'Daring Patrons'. Those of you who enjoy surprises in the effects created from your descriptions and color chips you supply, and those of you who can come to the Gallery and choose first-hand from the infinite possibilities right before your eyes.

     Please note that most of the jewelry offered on our sites has been created in a fifteen to twenty piece, evolving series, accounting for our low prices as shown. For custom work, created one piece at a time, the price can run up to two and a half times for equivalent pieces seen and more when your special ideas are translated into Ryan Art. Comissions are paid up front and non-returnable.

The Smart Way

     All of Ryan's works are True Originals even he would be challenged to recreate. Why not wait and watch for that special piece "made just for you!" as it comes up on line or in our gallery, at our lowest price.

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The Birth

     In the early 1990's, having completed some 3,500 lamps of various other forms, Ryan decided it was time for something no other Artist could address. What better than a New Form of Art Glass for his lamps! Intense research, 4,000 kiln tests and three years of 'seven days a week' later, only 125 of his Hot Sculptured Art Glass™ Lamps had been made. The time required and technical complications then, made it impossible to continue. Ryan was totally exhausted.

     Periodically, over the seventeen years since, the Artist just couldn't help but do numerous more experiments, solving one previous challenge after another, gradually streamlining his glass making process.

     By late 2008 all barriers had finally been overcome. A new series of larger paneled lamps were designed. Today, Meticulous Artistry, Tamed Space Age Technology, Computer Control and Simple Gravity make his Art Glass a delight to make and a thrill to own. The Colored Enameling is a new addition as well.

     Finally we see the Defined Originality of this New Art Glass Form as the Artist envisioned it from its earliest days. Its distinct features encompass a combination of original sculptural forms, unique textures, allocated iridescence and the polished details that crown the sculptured glass on one side while creating a fire polished surface on the other. The moulds can be made positive or negative so the sculptured side can be displayed inside or outside of the lamp. Large lamp panels now lift off newly re-formulated moulds, shining, ready for the enameling stage before mounting in their solid brass frames.

     The technical process involves an original Ryan drawing which he translates into a deep relief, soft plaster carving then copied as a rubber mold into which a series of custom refractory kiln molds are repeatedly cast. This is followed by a meticulous application of Ryan's secret "M" release coating. Two layers of 1/8 inch Spectrum Stained Glass are cut to mould size then lowered on. Each mould is dead-leveled to prevent the glass from pouring off a low end as it passes through the molten stage. The firing peaks at a bright glowing orange, goes through the lower temperature annealing cycle (removing stresses and strengthening the glass) and then is allowed to cool very slowly.

     Solid Brass Parts are lathe spun, formed and hand embossed in a variety of original designs to form the lampshade frame and table base panels. A hand applied Antique Patina is polished off on highlights to begin the Antiquity Process. The shade is purposely made flexible with the 1/4 inch glass panels assembled with hidden rubber mounts for shock resistance, much tougher than a stained glass lamp. No lead is used for your safety.

     Bases have 'character sawn' select oak legs and cap (and finial on table models). Wood parts are triple coated in a smooth acrylic Mission finish. Each is crowned with a custom wrought iron shade support.

     Both Bases and Shades are signed Allan Ryan, copyright, the year in Roman numerals and Canada. Ryan maintains that numbering is now mainly a hoax perpetrated to sell mechanically reproduced items as Art.

     Ryan has had six or more helpers for decades. Now in his autumn years he much prefers working alone. With other studio work, total lamp production is at most, two lamps per month and for how long "The Conestogo Lamps" will be available at all, is unknown.

Lamp Choices

     All Ryan Lamp Shades are balanced to hang straight when wired as hanging fixtures (without base). Even when offered as Table Lamps, they can easily be
converted without purchase of the base.

     As Table Lamps: An Original Shade and Original Ryan Base kept together over time is proven to maximize their Collector Value.

     A Ryan Table Lamp is specifically designed to be enjoyed as an 'Object d'Art'. They are not intended to be particularly useful as a reading or work lamp. While attractive turned off during the day, Ryan Table Lamp combinations look their best in lower light situations and when lit with a clear 25 Watt tungsten bulb. An energy saving, warm tone, florescent bulb of minimum Wattage is usable but does not produce the ambiance of tungsten. A cord dimmer helps greatly to compensate for various natural lighting conditions such as a rainy day.

     As Hanging Lamps: The same Ryan Art Glass Shades, when supplied as hanging lamps (without base), include installed 150 Watt rated CSA/UL approved medium base socket, grounded wiring, chain, canopy and attachment bridge, everything you will require for hanging. Line (black) and common (white) wiring is properly polarized for safety and to meet code.

     For best lighting effect in hanging lamps, we recommend using a 100 Watt reflector flood bulb (not a 'spot' bulb, same shape), which will flood your table with lots of dramatic light while just the right amount of light willescape around the top of the bulb to illuminate the shade for intended ambiance. The mirroring inside the reflector flood bulb protects the enameling from the full light. A wall dimmer switch is essential to fine-tune the effect with changing natural light. (No switch is provided on hanging lamps). These lamps are generally used over the dining table and hung so when seated, the tallest guests can see each other underneath, from across the table, without ducking. It is most Important to read the Cautions listed below.

     Ryan Lamp Bases are available without shades and can be extremely attractive with the right fabric or other safely mounted shade. If your own
shade choice does not sit well on the wrought iron ring support supplied, then it is an easy matter to have a taller 'Harp' installed in place of the iron support by a qualified lighting shop. Bring the shade so they know the right height of harp.

It is most Important to read the Cautions listed below.

     Custom Ordering Lamps: We will be happy to e-mail you photos of any Ryan Lamps we may have in stock and links to those available through our sales websites. Lamps we make ahead for our own gallery are always lower priced than custom orders. Only one size of shade and base is offered at this time (see dimensions). The complexity of the set-up and mold creation for other sizes and/or styles is so extensive it is not an option for one or two units. Pairs not in stock must be made together for good match.

     At the moment just four Sculptural Patterns are offered, Morning Glories, Art Nouveau Floral, Poppy Garden and Falling Leaves. Glass choices are either Clear Transparent Iridescent (colorless) glass or warmer Clear Transparent Iridescent Champaign 'waterglass'. An infinite range of enameled colors and effects are possible from vivid multi-colors to simply frosted details. Ryan lamps are also available in all four equally handsome, sculptured patterns without any enameling. Enameling is hand painted in extreme, lamp to lamp variation while non-enameled lamps are repeated. Tooling on bases varies at random as well.

     Custom Enameling Orders are only for those who can make decisions: The patron must supply cut out areas of from color pictures (from the web, a photo or magazine) that closest represent the color effects of various areas of the glass such as the Artist will interpret. These must be sent with clear, brief notes relating to the numbered color samples. ( Not, "The watchamacallit with the sort of hazy thingamagig like a dohicky, please!!). Two copies of a quotation/order form are e-mailed to the customer who then surface mails back a signed copy of the quotation/order form. Full payment is made to Butterfly Studio Inc. before the commission is started. We accept most cards.

     Every custom order form includes an agreement of unconditional acceptance of the Artist's interpretation from the materials supplied. The purchaser clearly understands that this is a Custom Art Work Commission that is not returnable nor refundable.

Ryan Lamp Care

     As with any Work of Art, standard methods apply for preservation over the centuries. Keep your Ryan lamp out of direct sunlight. Use only the bulbs recommended above to protect enameling (like a painting). Never clean with abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals. Never thermally shock Art Glass as in suddenly applying hot water to cool glass or v.v.

     Brass parts are hand finished in a handsome 'first patina'. Highlights are then hand polished through to the natural brass. Light polishing of these high-lights annually will develop a richer and richer patina with the passing years. To accomplish this, use a dry silver polishing cloth.

     There is nothing wrong with letting the brass parts oxidize over the whole surface, naturally. Should heavy oxidation not polish off with a dry polishing cloth you can use Brasso metal polish as follows. Wear new disposable vinyl gloves. (not old, contaminated rubber ones). Shake the Brasso can well and away from the area to be treated. Put a few drops at a time on a small area of a soft cotton cloth, stretched over your finger, so it's only damp and never runny. You want to avoid it seeping into the cracks and tooling or spoiling the dark oxidized areas. Carefully isolate even the smallest amount of the corrosive Brasso (even a finger print) from any dark area to be conserved. Control the amount of polishing so dark areas gradually fade off into bright ones. Change for a new cloth occasionally with more damp polish. Polish for even results all around the lamp. Dry polish the dry Brasso haze off all areas with a clean, dry, soft cotton cloth, not just off the highlights. TIP: First tries at this can be more safely made by testing on the inside surface of the brass lamp base panels before spoiling the exposed, outer side of the lamp brass.

Caution Warnings

  • Most locals require you to have a licensed electrician install lighting fixtures according to local code to avoid hazards.
  • For all intents and purposes Ryan glass is to be treated with the same safety precautions as the drinking glass you put up to your mouth dozens of times daily. Ryan lamp glass averages a strong 1/4 inch thick and is computer annealed to relieve stresses associated with breakage. It is not sold as unbreakable or safety glass. Any broken glass can cause serious injury. Probably the most likely potential accident that could happen to the lamp is someone leaving a wine or beer bottle right under the lamp edge, then lifting it up too quickly, clipping the under-edge of the Art Glass panels.
  • Whenever placing anything but an intended Ryan lampshade on a Ryan base: The irregular lamp shade must always be mechanically restrained securely so it cannot accidentally get closer than 6 inches from any light bulb for fire prevention reasons.
  • Liabilities resulting from misuse or by any changes whatsoever made to Ryan Lamps (risking fire, electrocution or any hazard) are completely at the responsibility of the purchaser. Ryan has made over 3,500 original lamps of various styles since age 13 without incident. Use maximum 150 Watt bulb in any Ryan Lamp.


     Only one size glass panel is offered at this time. All shades have six sides. Variations in brass crown styles are constant. All dimensions are approximate as Ryan's Art Work is totally original and always in evolution. Shades average 8-1/2 inches high by 20 inches diameter. Bases average 10-1/4 inches square at the bottom by 11 inches high to the top of the wood cap. The iron lamp support adds approx. 8 inches to the base height with a 5-1/4 inch diameter shade support ring on top. Total base height with shade support is about 19 inches total. Finials on Table Lamps add another 2 to 3 inches. Various crown styles can change height by an inch or more.

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Half the enjoyment of Artisan Silver Jewelry is in polishing it, once you learn how to do it this clean, fast and easy way!

  1. All jewelry picks up hand and body creams plus natural body oils and even corrosive salts. It also suffers fine abrasion in normal wear. Their combination creates a dull a look.

  2. Always wash silver well before polishing. Otherwise, your expensive dry polishing cloth will become contaminated with all the waxy build-up already smeared on your jewelry. Washing your polishing cloth will remove the mess but will also remove the polish originally built into the cloth!

  3. Wash your hands thoroughly before starting. Wear new vinyl disposable gloves, not old contaminated rubber gloves that will smear the Jewelry. Arrange a small, clean piece of terry-cloth in a container of warm, very soapy water (liquid dish detergent). Wet a clean washcloth with warm water, wring it out and lay it flat on the counter as a working pad. Next, warm the jewelry under warm water, never hot, and lay it out on the cloth. Gently scrub the jewelry in all directions, all sides with the soapy cloth. An old toothbrush works well in crevasses. Rinse thoroughly under warm water. Check your work and repeat if necessary. Dry with a clean linen dish towel. Never leave your jewelry wet and never soak long it in anything.

  4. Now it's time to polish any abrasion-dullness with a fresh, silver dry polishing cloth. Shake out your silver cloth in case is has picked up any grit that can scratch. Rub briskly but gently. Earrings often have fine fittings that can opene up with rough handling.

  5. Solid Brass Parts are lathe spun, formed and hand embossed in a variety of original designs to form the lampshade frame and table base panels. A hand applied Antique Patina is polished off on highlights to begin the Antiquity Process. The shade is purposely made flexible with the 1/4 inch glass panels assembled with hidden rubber mounts for shock resistance, much tougher than a stained glass lamp. No lead is used for your safety.

  6. Once thoroughly dry, always store clean silver jewelry in a new, closed zip-lock bag to prevent Air from tarnishing it. Months ahead it will still be bright and ready to wear!

Notes on Cleaning Caution:

  1. Art Glass, epoxy glue and many types of stones can crack and separate with the sudden temperature change of being plunged into hot water. Gradually warm them only!

  2. Some silver is purposely dark antiqued as part of the original design. This type requires washing only then dry polishing only on the highlights. Never dip these pieces in tarnish remover unless you want them bright all over!

  3. Never dip any pearls or natural stones in tarnish remover as it dulls and even dissolves many types and removes thin pearl coating on fake ones.

  4. Ryan silver and glass combinations are safe to dip briefly in silver tarnish remover as directed.

  5. The proven British Sterling Silver standard of 7-1/2 % copper with 92-1/2% fine silver (.925) offers ideal strength with minimum tarnishing, as used exclusively when hand wrought for Ryan pieces.

  6. Imported silver jewelry parts are used by thousands of craftspeople on this continent because they are cheap and pre-made to save time. These often have an excessively high percentage of copper alloyed in to the silver to save money. The higher the copper portion the sooner and heavier the tarnishing, giving even real Sterling a bad name for the extra polishing not required. Fine silver (99.99%) as fired onto Ryan Art Glass, hardly tarnishes at all.

Most Pierced Ear Infections can be Prevented:

     All Ryan earring posts and wires are solid sterling silver with smooth ends that seriously reduce the chance of metal allergy suspicions and infection causing skin abrasions when inserting.

     Cheap, often nickel, electroplated ear posts and wires frequently have sharp ends that tear the delicate skin inside your ear when inserted, inviting infections in.

     While Metal Allergies are too oftened blamed for preventable infections, Cheap Nickel plated jewelry is certainly to be avoided.

     North Americans are obsessed with regular bathing but who takes their earrings out every night? Who disinfects their pierced earrings with a drop or two of alcohol before inserting? Who washes their hands before putting their jewelry on? Who is in the practice of not touching their ears during the days?

     A little redness around the piercing can bloom into an annoying infection in 24 hours. The common cure is by pressing a little Polysporin into one side of the piercing at a time, at bedtime, combined with not wearing earrings until all is cleared up. Any infection can quickly get out of hand to the point of requiring antibiotics.

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All Ryan bracelets and necklaces are made on the long side with a variation of clasps, some may have adjustable extenders built in.

     People come in all sizes and shapes

     If your Ryan necklace just doesn't sit right and/or it leans away from you at the top, it just needs shortening. Most Ryan pieces are joined with split 'J' rings (small circles of silver between links) that are easily opened and closed using needle nose pliers. Always open and close them sideways and never by opening the gap into a 'C'. This allows you to remove links equally on both sides of the clasp, until the piece fits you just right. Find a friend to help, while you stand in front of a mirror, to determine the number of links to be taken out. With your friend holding the extra links away, bend over and back up a couple of times to be sure the new length settles back right for your unique shape, before alterations. Allow for the length of the clasp when done up.

(Necklaces designed to be worn extra long have links or rings that are like beads, so it doesn't matter if they rotate or flip.)

     Some higher end Ryan pieces have the 'J' rings soldered closed. These need to be cut to open, a couple of links taken out then re-soldered by any repair jeweler. At our walk-in gallery, the jewelry is priced exactly as on line and adjustments are extra. Shipping it back to us, then back to you again would cost more and take longer.

To Add Length: Available on our 'shop.'

For Ryan Bracelets, use the same procedures as above.

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